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DG, 1/3 of the Terriffic Terrible Trio


Welcome everyone. ^_^ I had some extra LJ codes and since I did make the first Monica Rial Webpage I might as be the one to make the first Monica LJ. What shows have you people have seen that Monica has been in ^_^
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Hey Danielle! I didn't know you could do this on LJ. Thanks! I hope you can make it out to some cons soon! Later! -M-
I've seen Gasaraki, Generator Gawl, Martian Successor Nadiesco, Sorcerer on the Rocks, and Full Metal Panic (well, not all ... isn't there, like, one more disc coming out, still?). Isn't she also in Pretear? I don't know why, but I was thinking, maybe she was ... but, I could be wrong. :-) I had no idea the same person did all those voices! Sometimes, you can kind of tell, if you listen closely: "Oh, that sounds like so-and-so from this other series...". But, with her characters, each voice sounds really different!
Yeah she really Talanted. And Yes she was In Pretear And many others. ^_^ One of her Newest Roles in in Kiddy Grade that being Released by Funamation