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Wow, it's like...dead here. O_o; *decides to get a discussion going* <3

Last night, I watched the Angelic Layer DVD 2 commentary by Monica Rial and Kevin Corn (Tamayo and Kotarou). I was so used to hearing Monica as soft-spoken characters (Kirika and Hyatt), so it was a little strange hearing her as Tamayo at first. But I got over that fast. XD And Monica herself sounds quite a bit like Tamayo the role was perfect for her. <3 It was amusing, she kept poking fun at scary!Hatoko in ep 6. XD It was so cool.

I love her work in Angelic Layer, Noir and Excel Saga...can't wait to hear her in Azumanga Daioh. ^_^ (And I need to check out some other titles she's been in...Steel Angel Kurumi and Garasaki...)
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